Therapy & Coaching

About Dr. McCarthy

Dr. McCarthy is a Licensed PhD Psychologist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the state of Minnesota with over 33 years of experience. He is a therapist, coach, author, and speaker/presenter for professional organizations and businesses. His practice is dual focused and includes both therapy and executive coaching.

During the first 28 years of practice Dr. McCarthy saw how difficult it was for couples to break free from deep-rooted patterns and to make real change. So in 2010 he developed a new approach—Relationship Co-Coaching—influenced by his extensive experience in executive coaching and leadership team co-coaching. Using this model he now sees couples change in remarkable ways never seen before in his first 28 years of doing marital therapy. His newly published book Relationship Co-Coaching: A New Approach To Deeper Love, Less Conflict has received initial praise by therapists of national reputation and notables in the local community.


Dr. McCarthy’s Personal Statement

“My personal mission is to help people make real change in their lives and overcome self-limiting patterns!”


Therapy-Coaching Practice

Dr. McCarthy specializes in couples-marital counseling as well as individual therapy. He uses a unique approach blending therapy and coaching to help people achieve their highest level of happiness and satisfaction in all areas of life whether in family-marriage, work satisfaction, or personal life. His work covers a wide range of problems including but not limited to: anxiety, depression, stress, work problems, grief, trauma, phobias, sexual dysfunction, stress-related physical problems, career coaching, and, of course, relationship–marital issues.



Dr. Tim McCarthy’s new approach of Relationship Co-Coaching helps couples break negative relationship patterns, which can sabotage their happiness to unblock deeper feelings of love. He challenges many currently accepted beliefs about romantic relationships and what it takes to have a successful marriage: e.g. I shouldn’t have to change my behavior, just accept me the way I am. Rather, the relationship is seen as a dynamic growth process for learning how to become more loving partners through mutual coaching.

Each partner seeks to clearly identify his or her own core negative relationship patterns and to help each other change through mutual, respectful coaching. Blaming–complaining is eliminated and commitment is made to open feedback and communication. Couples previously unable to break longstanding recurring patterns learn new skills for effective communication and restoration of deeper love and closeness.

Dr. McCarthy inspires couples to set the goal for an extraordinary relationship and learn the best practices to achieve it! For any couple interested in improving their relationship he offers a free Extraordinary Relationship-Marriage Self-Evaluation to help them identify the most important areas they need to make changes in to take their relationship to a new level.



Dr. McCarthy’s approach in individual therapy is highly supportive, yet challenging. The focus is on breaking self-limiting beliefs and behaviors causing life unhappiness, whether in symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, work, or relationships.


Executive Coaching

For leadership, team, and sales coaching see


Personal Note by Tim McCarthy, PhD

For Couples

There’s nothing more important than the relationship with your partner in life. It requires skills and competency just like anything else. No one ever told us this because society requires absolutely no knowledge or education about long-term relationship success and marriage. Subsequently, the divorce rate is so very high. If you really want to have a happy marriage, then be proactive, take an intelligent approach and help ‘coach’ one another to new love and happiness.

For Individuals

Don’t accept any area of unhappiness in your life—challenge yourself to develop new insights and capabilities. With the right attitude and new skills you may be able to overcome problems and achieve new things you didn’t think were possible!

Note: See Dr. McCarthy’s new book: Relationship Co-Coaching: A New Approach To Deeper Love, Less Conflict.