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Speaking Engagements

Current Topics for professional associations, organizations, and businesses include special focus on Dr. McCarthy’s new approach for improving quality of life in romantic relationships and marriage. He provocatively asserts that society is underdeveloped because it has failed to promote education and skills in how to be successful in relationships and in marriage and that harmful self–limiting beliefs set couples up for premature relationship dissolution. He gives a call for action for everyone to place high priority on improving their relationships and offers practical tools to create real change to deeper love and less conflict with Relationship Co-Coaching. Potential topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Help Your Partner Become the Very Best Spouse
  • Relationship Co–Coaching: A New Approach To Deeper Love, Less Conflict
  • Harness the Power of Unselfish Love and Conflict Resolution in Your Relationship
  • Common Relationship-Communication Skills for Success in Leadership and Marriage
  • Key Relationship Skills For Achieving Triple Success In: (1.) Leadership (2.) Marriage and (3.) Parenting
  • Improve Work Productivity by Improving Your Marriage

For Topics Relating To Leadership, Teams, and Sales:
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 Recent Speaking Events:

  • Presented at Minnesota Association of Marriage & Family Therapists Fall Conference Oct. 30th 2015: Introduction To Relationship Co–Coaching: A New Approach For Changing Ingrained Negative Patterns, Reducing Conflict and Deepening Unselfish Love.


Previous Speaking Experience:

Dr. McCarthy has been an invited speaker-presenter for a variety of organizations, professional-trade associations, and businesses—just a few noted below:

  • National Association for Women in TV and Radio
  • Minnesota High Tech Association: Emerging Leaders Program
  • Human Resource Professionals of Minnesota
  • Carlson School of Management: University of Minnesota
  • Minnesota Sales and Marketing Executive Association
  • Minnesota Trucking Association
  • Minnesota Sales Professionals Association
  • Arctic Cat Inc.
  • Dakota Electric Association
  • Associated Milk Producers Inc.
  • Federal Companies
  • Berger Transfer, Allied Van Line Company


Couples Workshop—How To Re-ignite Your Marriage!


Create Rapid Change Over A 2-Day Weekend: Relationship Co-Coaching: A New Approach To Deeper Love, Less Conflict

Which One? Marriage Workshops vs. Marriage Counseling? Often couples worry they won’t get the personal help needed through attending a workshop. However, one study has shown a highly effective marriage workshop has an 86% positive impact for couples attending and equal to six months of marriage therapy. Dr. McCarthy is similarly in the process of measuring the success of his marriage workshops during the next 4-6 months. His 2-day weekend marriage workshop can be a great alternative for couples that want to get started quickly and see relationship change happen as soon as possible. It is also for those pressed for time that find it hard to make that once a week commitment for ongoing therapy sessions. Also marriage workshops can be more cost effective.

Marriage Workshop Goal: This two day workshop is designed to help couples make active, real change in their relationship by making a mutual commitment to meet one another’s unique love needs with unselfish love and learn new skills to resolve conflict and communicate more effectively.

Contact Dr. McCarthy’s office for upcoming workshop dates. Location: lower level South Conference Room (same level as Kincaid’s Restaurant) at 8400 Normandale Lake Blvd., Bloomington, MN 55437 (SW corner of Hwy. 100 & 494)

The purpose of this workshop is to help overcome negative patterns and barriers keeping you from greater love and relationship happiness. Learn to harness the power of altruistic love and reduce conflict. Use the principles of Relationship Co-Coaching to learn to create deeper love, closeness, and emotional connection. Discover new skills to communicate more effectively. Learn to reduce conflict through the Softly Specific Co-Coaching method for discussing issues in a respectful fashion without anger or verbally aggressive behaviors such as accusations, blaming, and complaining.

Learning format includes in-workshop practice of new skills and self-assessment of negative relationship patterns and unique love needs. Workshop objectives are to gain basic understanding and knowledge of how to:

  1. Apply the four key principles of Relationship Co-Coaching
  2. Reframe limiting non-change beliefs keeping you from making needed relationship change
  3. Self–assess your most harmful Negative Relationship Patterns (NRPs) from the Top 20 common NRPs
  4. Identify your specific love needs and make commitment to altruistic, unselfish love
  5. De-escalate and reduce conflict using the Softly Specific Co–Coaching six steps for delivering feedback and taking ownership
  6. Use love deepening skills to create more positive feelings and energy in your relationship by expressing more appreciation, compliments, and flirtation

$275 per couple (includes both 4-hour weekend workshops)

To register or for more information: Contact Dr. McCarthy by clicking Contact, 952.937.0866, or drtim@drtimmccarthy.com