Dr. Tim McCarthy

Therapist, Coach, Author, and Speaker/Presenter

Dr. McCarthy is a PhD psychologist and licensed Marriage & Family Therapist whose practice includes individual therapy and couples therapy, as well as executive coaching. He has developed a new approach for helping couples overcome entrenched self-limiting negative patterns, Relationship Co-Coaching, and has seen clients change more quickly and dramatically than ever before in his practice.

See Dr. McCarthy’s new self-help book for how couples can use these principles to create real relationship change. He is inspired to educate couples in how to achieve greater happiness and love. Dr. McCarthy is an experienced speaker-presenter for many organizations and businesses.

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Watch WCCO CBS interview of Dr. McCarthy and his new approach to relationships and couples therapy (4 minutes).

Angie’s List Top 5%

Dr. McCarthy has received the Angie’s List Super Service Award for ranking in the top 5% for “counseling-marriage/relationship” based on consistent “A” grade client ratings (unsolicited by him). However, on-line surveys are not scientifically valid. Subsequently Dr. McCarthy is currently engaged in conducting a formal research study of the effectiveness of his new therapy approach and the preliminary results half-way through the study are exceptionally positive.


Action-Oriented Approach

In therapy Dr. McCarthy is highly influenced by his executive coaching with leaders in business where results are demanded. Clients often give feedback they appreciate that he is more involved and active compared to past therapy they’ve experienced, rather than “just listening without much comment.” In individual therapy Dr. McCarthy challenges one to overcome self-limiting beliefs and in couples-marital therapy he helps partners learn to break repeating conflict patterns, restoring deep love and satisfaction.

For Dr. McCarthy’s work with companies in executive coaching, leadership development, team building, and sales coaching see www.execperform.com.


Relationship Co-Coaching: A New Approach To Deeper Love, Less Conflict.

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This self–help book shows couples how to make real change in their relationship. It is insightful, thought provoking, and sure to give readers new ideas and skills for taking their relationship to a new level.

Case Examples From Book

Spontaneous Comments by Couples In Therapy

  • “I feel as happy with him as I was when we first began dating!”
  • “Honey, your loving me this way now is so wonderful—it’s awesome!”
  • “When looking back, I’m blown away…because we’ve now totally turned it around in a relatively short period of time.”

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